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Moving Again. Lucky break. - locked

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January 25th, 1980

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01:24 pm - Moving Again. Lucky break.
I had just let myself into James and Lily's new place when the Owl came. James and Lily were at a meeting at HQ or something like that last night and the owl wanted in, so I took the letter from it.

It wasn't really a letter, just a scribble on some crumpled parchment from Black warning James that I'm a traitor. A traitor, he makes me sound like I WANTED to tell Malfoy where they were, like I wasn't under threat of death and worse!

I kept the letter to be safe, and left the hollow. Still, I'd better get out of here in case Black owled Lupin about it too.

I just unpacked, too.

I have to go somewhere secret until this blows over, dissapear for a while. I guess that's the upside to never being noticed.

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